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Registration for Day School and Drop-In:



Our registration is designed with three goals in mind:


Your child’s safety, clear communication with you and a rewarding experience for your child.


1. Safety is our number one priority and the registration process helps provide all of the information we need to ensure the safety of your child.


2. Clear communication is essential, therefore we need information on how and with whom we can communicate.


3. Finally, we need general information so we can anticipate and meet the unique needs of each child when they are learning with us.




1. Fill out the HYPERLINK registration form online to expedite the enrollment process (or you can fill out the form in person).






2. What we will need once you come for registration:


~Parent Signatures

~To discuss any special needs and review all registration information




-Smart Play Application(For Drop-in students and Day School Students)





Additional Documents that can be signed at Smart Play


  • IMMUNIZATION CERTIFICATE signed or stamped by a certified Health Care Provider can be faxed to 615-301-8346 or brought with you at time of registration.

  • Child Enrollment Form

  • Child/Family Personal History(included in the Application)

  • Policy Agreement

  • Toddler Supplemental Information Form 



3. Drop your kids off and do what YOU need to do!


*Ask about waiving your registration fee when you purchase 8 or more hours of block time*

Academic Enrichment

A Little About us...

A Place of Innovative Play and Discovery! Looking for more than just a baby sitter?  A place where opportunities to learn are all around and incorporated in our program! Look no further than Smart Play, Inc!


Elementary School Programs

Snow Days, Teacher Work Days, Fall-Break, Spring Break... These are all great opportunities to take advantage of Smart Play, Inc's services.  Addtional services are:



Daily After School Care
Enroll in our After School Care Program. Call 931-854-0653 for more information.  

+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Readers Theatre
+ Book Club
+ Math, Science and Technology
+ Anti-bullying
+ Special Talents programs

Stop in for a Tour or Give us a call:



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